To the Military Mental Health Project website, your main connection to becoming a part of the movement for increased access and improved quality of mental health care for our military families and veterans.

Our mission is to increase access to and improve quality of mental health care services for all members of the seven uniformed services, veterans and their families.

While our mission may sound simple, it is a massive undertaking. For many years the underlying construct within and outside of the military has stymied advancements in how we treat and care for individuals confronted with a mental health related challenge.

Aside from the systemic shortfalls of the the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense, we are not here to criticize the current government’s leaders or lay blame solely at the feet of the people who manage these departments. It is apparent to us that every system must evolve to remain viable and meet the needs of the population that it serves. The Military Mental Health Project actively endeavors to work with these departments and entities to improve on what is already in place.

In our society there is a stigma that surrounds mental health, the military notwithstanding. This stigma is similar to an ocular stigmatism, distorting our collective vision and coloring the attitudes and feelings that many of us have when confronted with thoughts of physical or psychological abnormality. The best way to combat this stigma is to correct the falsities with the facts and truth that come in the form of evidence, education, and advocacy.  

The Military Mental Health Project is geared toward both creating and advocating for effective and timely policies on the federal and local levels of government that provide the tools necessary to create temporary and permanent, immediate and long term solutions to the fill the gaps in care for our military families and veterans.

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The Military Mental Health Project Team