The #CrushtheStigma Initiative is geared toward raising mental health awareness. Within our culture it is no secret that mental health issues are misunderstood. A lack of understanding comes from the lack of education around any issue. #CrushtheStigma, was created to let those within community know that it is OK to seek out support, and that we are NOT ok with the stigma that is perpetuated.

There is a percentage of the general public that believe persons affected by mental health related challenges such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide to name a few, are some how damaged goods. 

This sentiment is completely false, it is the goal of the #CrushtheStigma Initiative to jump start the conversation about mental disorders, diseases and conditions with our elected representatives as well as the general public, through direct action. 

The#CrushtheStigma Initiative is sponsored by a coalition of organizations including:  The Military Mental Health Project

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